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9 Cleaning Tasks You Can Skip All Summer Long!

Here are a bunch of tasks that can, for one reason or another, wait until September. Kick back, check these off your to-do list and grab yourself a cool drink and a comfortable spot on the stoop. Click HERE to read more!

9 Ways to Use Basic Wire Baskets All Over the House!

I'm always searching for ways to make organization look like it's part of my decor (an inescapable reality of small apartments with no closets). Flimsy plastic bins just don't cut it. Lately, I've been turning to basic wire baskets to use all around the house. Once you start thinking of them less like boxes, and…

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Sometimes, cleaning your house seems like it takes all day.. However, a few basic tips and tricks can not only save you time but also create a spotless living space. Whether you have unexpected guests coming, a get together just ended or you just need to create a more organized and tidy space, read on…

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7 Legit Apartment Money Saving Tricks!

Apartment renters! Looking for some legit ways to save money while renting? Here are some ideas for you. 1. Buy Multitaskers. 2. Buy Less Stuff. 3. Rent/Borrow Items Instead of Buying. Click HERE to read more!